M400-LCD Mini-ITX Appliance enclosure (picoLCD 20x2, CF USB Slot, 2x HDD/SSD)

  189.95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

M400-LCD is the perfect plattform choice for your appliance (eg. firewall, controller, computing node, SOHO, industrial). The front LCD-modul which comes with many buttons can be programmed individually (Linux/Windows SDK) and is perfect for showing system- and application values and allows operating without connected monitor.

The M400-LCD-Enclosure fits any type of mini-ITX board with standard back I/O shield. The M400-LCD-Enclsoure will work with up to two SATA 2.5" disk drives.

The M400-LCD-Enclsosure is compatible with an entire range of DC-DC picoPSU power supplies, allowing system designers to pick the right PSU for their application.

The M400-LCD-Enclosure has a front bootable Compact Flash adapter, making this enclosure perfect for systems that boot from flash (Compact Flash).

Starting with 50 units order qty. you can choose custom color for the enclosure and you can get the enclosure front without CF reader.

Motherboard support Mini-ITX
Body material Steel / Aluminium
External bays 1x Compact Flash
Internal bays 2x 2.5 HDD/SSD
Dimensions 250(W) x 237(D) x 68(H)mm
PSU support PicoPSU-series / M3-ATX(-HV) or mainboard onboard power supply
Front LCD picoLCD 20x2 (Linux/Windows SDK available)
Weight 1.8kg
Cooling system 2x 40x40x10mm fan (optional)