MS Windows 10 IOT Enterprise CBB SAC 32/64bit MULTILINGUAL (Entry) [only together with PC-system]

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  • Version 1803.1
Support: CBB / LTSB Comparison

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the successor to Windows Embedded. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise works on x86 platforms (32- and 64-bit) and has the almost full functionality of the consumer version of Windows 10. For the industry in addition, Microsoft has extended and integrated the lockdown features known from its predecessors. Lockdown features include shell launcher, write filter, USB filter, input filter and app locker. These are used to protect embedded systems against manipulation and power interruptions to back up.
Concerning features and update policy there are 2 different versions:
CBB (Current Branch for Business)
In the Current Branch for Business release, the updates are applied four months later than Current Branch. Accordingly, any bugs or security holes in the current branch update have already been eliminated. The functionality of the CBB version is similar to the consumer version.
LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch)
In the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) version, new versions are released as updates only every two to three years. Compared to the consumer or CBB version, some apps are missing (see data sheet).
Concerning licensing there are 3 different variants that are based on the CPU of the underlying PC Embedded system:
Pentium (N3540, J2900, J2850, A1020, N3700, N3710, J3710, N4200, J4205, J5005, N5000)
Celeron (N2805, N2810, N2815, N2817, N2820, N2910, N2940, N2930, N2920, N2830, N2808, N2807, J1900, J1800, J1850, N2806, N2840, N3000, N3010, N3050, N3060, N3150, N3160, J1750, J3160, J3060, J3010, N3350, N3450, J3455, J3355, N3510, N3520, N3530, G1820, G1820TE, N4000, N4100, J4005, J4105)
Rest of Atom
Core 2 Duo
VIA: All
AMD: E1, E2, E-350, A4, A6, G-Series, V10xx-V12xx

Rest of Pentium
Rest of Celeron
Selected Atom (C2750, C2730, C2550, C2530, C2350, C3338, S1260, S1240, S1220)
Core i3, Core i5, Core M
AMD: R-Series, A10, A8, Rest of FX Models, V13xx-V19xx, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5

High End
Intel: Core i7, Xeon
AMD: Selected FX models (FX 7500, FX 9370, FX 9590, FX 7600P), Ryzen 7
All other non-specified CPUs

Attention: This version of Windows can only be purchased with a PC system according to the CPU licence table. We then pre-install Windows (other handling possible on request).
Scope of delivery:
- Microsoft Windows 10 IOT Enterprise sticker with key (to be attached to the PC system)