AKASA Low Profile heatsink/fan 1U f. Intel socket (LGA775/115X/1200/1700) [AK-CC7401BP01]

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  • High quality !
  • LGA775/115X/1200/1700 !
  • Copper !
  • AK-CC7401BP01 !
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This 1U compatible Low-Profile fan/heatsink from AKASA for Intel Socket LGA775/115X/1200/1700 enables you to run high performance systems with smallest footprint. The fan was tested especially with several miniITX Mainboards, but also will work with other systens.

Among others, these enclosures can be used together with the fan/heatsink :
- M350
- Morex 3677
- Morex 3688
- Mhero-S-Series

For IntelLGA775/115X/1200/1700 (Core i3/i5/i7)
Dimensions : 88 x 87 x 30,5mm (1U compatible)
Cooper heatsink
High quality fan (75X77X15mm) with Two Ball Bearing and PWR-control (1200-5500 RPM), max. 46dB(A), max 11.83CFM(ft /min)
Max. CPU TDP approx. 65W
MTTF Lifetime: 80000/hrs at 25 C