M200-LCD Enclosure

  59.95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

- Up to two 2.5" drives
- Intelligent USB display with 20 columns and 2 rows and 8x5 dots character size
- Bootable (IDE) Compact-Flash
- PWR button and LED
- Works with any picoPSU (not included)
- Size 20cm (w) x 5.4cm x 24cm

The M200-LCD-Enclosure is a versatile mini-ITX enclsosure designed for embedded applications where CDROM drives are not required. The M200-LCD-Enclosure fits any type of mini-ITX board with standard back I/O shield. Not recommanded for EPIA 800, EPIA 5000 and EPIA CN series because of the different USB header pinout. The M200-LCD-Enclsoure will work with up to two IDE or SATA 2.5" disk drives (disk drive cable adapter not included).

The M200-LCD-Enclsosure is compatible with an entire range of DC-DC picoPSU power supplies, allowing system designers to pick the right PSU for their application (picoPSU not included in this assembly)

The M200-LCD-Enclosure has a front door for extra ESB ports and Bootable Compact Flash adapter (included in this assebly), making this enclosure perfect for systems that boot from flash (Compact Flash).

The M200-LCD-Enclosure comes in a white OEM box that can be re-branded. The enclosure has a small area for OEM logo, allowing system integrator to re-brand the unit, making this enclosure the perfect candidate for embedded applications.

Note :With Intel D945GCLF mainboard you can not use the LCD module because the USB connection cable is too short.