Car2PC - Acura, Honda (1992-1998 with CD-changer port)

  79.00 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

  • AUX adapter !

Direct sound connection will ensure the best sound quality non compromised by FM transmitter or cassette adapter.
Control your Car PC or laptop directly from the car stereo (head unit), switch between playlists, genres, artists, albums or favorites.
Choose different plugins with different behavior for WinAmp, Windows Media Player or some other multimedia software.
Just plug the device into the back of your stereo and connect it to your Car PC via USB cable and you should be all set ! Play back any multimedia track you have on your Car PC !

USB connection makes it simple to attach to any modern PC or laptop. Single universal cable makes installation simple and sleek without messing with several cables !

Simple installation ensures that all you need to know is how to pull out your existing car stereo. Everything else is included and ready to go even by a newbie ! Even if you don not install the software you still will be able to use Car2PC adapter with Car PC or laptop.
Just plug the audio jack in and that's it !

Car2PC - Alpine, Acura, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo
Compability with original radio - Acura (1992-1998, mit CD-Wechsler-Anschluss)
- Honda (1992-1998, mit CD-Wechsler-Anschluss)
Scope of supply - Car2PC Adapter CAR2PC-MBUS
- OEM compatible harness to connect to car stereo HON92
- USB/3.55mm jack connector cable for PC
- DriversCD

Manual/Drivers online : Here

MWI Interface Software : Here