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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

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Car-PC Garmin Mobile PC (Europa, Speech) -multilingual- with GPS 20x sensor Garmin Mobile PC (Europa, Speech) -multilingual- with GPS 20x sensor
 | 22.03.2010
Nice navigator!
However, in case of a OS upgrade or reinstall, you need to go through some serious chatting with the garmin dudes to get the software up and running again (get a new server code).
Suggest, you do not make a OS upgrade of any kind after installing this and make a backup of your entire system.
And do not upgrade or reinstal your operating system!

Car-PC M<b>4</b>-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt) M4-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt)
 | 22.03.2010
Nice product!
Unless you need some serious display adapter or enormous amount of peripherals around your MB you will do just fine with this PSU.
A normal computer system will have enough power from this one for allmost any use!
A 2.8GHz Core2QUAD system, with an average display adapter in full working power took only about 150W driven with this PSU, so I believe you do just fine with this for almost anything. If you need a serious DC-powered system, this the PSU for you...

Car-PC M<b>2</b>-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts) M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts)
 | 22.03.2010
Nice product!
If you have room for this one inside your computer case, take it, do not take the M3!
M3 has not got enough power in the +12v line to power up an average prosessor with an average display adapter.
Take M2 if you have room for it. Good for powering Intel DG45FC. M3 is too weak for it.
If you need some serious powering, go for M4!

Car-PC M200-LCD Enclosure M200-LCD Enclosure
 | 22.03.2010
Nice case!
LCD-driver for XP is hard or impossible to find so that you could actually make some use for it. In Vista / 7 i believe you will make a good use for the sideshow (LCD)...
If you remove the front USB and CF-reader, you will be able to fit in a M2-ATX PSU. You need to make new holes for HD if you use for example an Intel DG45FC board or a similar. A lower processor fan is also needed.

Car-PC P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol) P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol)
 | 22.03.2010
A must have, if you use M2-ATX.
A P4/5.25-adapter cable does exactly the same thing with M2-ATX and you could get it cheaper.
A serious Ebayer might find a bunch of those pretty inexpensive ordered directly from 'wingwong' ;-)
But then again, the service from these dudes here is unbeatable! :-)