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NORVI-CEMA-M1 (Arduino Micro ATMEGA 32-U4, , 8x Digital I/O, 6x 5A Relays)

NORVI-CEMA-<b>M1</b> (Arduino Micro ATMEGA 32-U4, , <b>8x Digital I/O, 6x 5A Relays</b>)
  • Industrial Arduino IDE !
  • Built-in OLED Display !
  • Flexible programming !
  • 8Mhz CPU !

NORVI Cema Industrial Arduino is the most compact version of NORVI series. Yet it has 8 Outputs and 8 Inputs, beating all the devices of same size on the market. Two transistor outputs of it adds PWM or Pulse output capabilities. It comes with a 6 pin expansion port with Serial output. Cema is leading with reliability in the industrial environments.

  • 8x Sink/Source Digital Inputs (24V)
  • 6x 5A Relay Outputs
  • 2x Open collector Transistor
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE
  • Intergrated OLED and buttons programmable as HMI
  • LED indicators for easy diagnosis


94.95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping
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Range of product NORVI CEMA
Product type Programmable Controller
Rated supply voltage 24V DC
Discrete input number 8 discrete input
Discrete output type Relay and Transistor
Discrete output number 6 Relay outputs,
2 Transitor outputs
Discrete output voltage 24V DC for transisitor output
Discrete output current 0.5A with T0.0... T0.1 Transistor 2 A with R0....R5
Discrete IO number 16
Number of Expansions -----
Supply voltage limits 20.4 ..... 28.8V
Inrush current <= 50A
Power consumption in W 32.6 ...... 40.4 with all outputs ON
Discrete logic Input Sink or source
Discrete input Voltage 24V DC
Voltage TypeVoltage state 1 > = 15V for Input
Voltage TypeVoltage state 0 < = 5V for input
Discrete Input Current 5mA for Input
Input impedance 4.7k Ohm for Input
Local signalling 1 LED green for PWR
1 LED green for RUN
8 LED green for I0......I7
6 LED green for R0.....R5
2 LED green for T0....T1
Electrical connection Removable screw terminal block for inputs and outputs (pitch 5.08 mm)
Mounting support Top hat type TH35-15 rail conforming to IEC 60715
Top hat type TH35-7.5 rail conforming to IEC 60715
Plate or panel with fixing kit
Height 90.50 mm
Depth 56.60 mm
Width 60.60 mm
Weight 0.43 kg
Resistance to electrostatic discharge 4kV on contact, 8kV on air
Resistance to electro magnetic fields 10 V/m (80 MHz ...... 1 Ghz)
3 V/m (1.4 MHz ...... 2 GHz)
1 V/m (2 MHz ....... 3 GHz)
Immunity to microbreaks 10 ms
Relave humidity 10....95% without condensation in operation
IP degree of protection IP20
Operating altitude 0...2000m
Storage altitude 0...3000m
Shock resistance 15 gn for 11 ms
Resistance to electrostatic discharge 4kV on contact, 8kV on air
Resistance to electro magnetic fields 10 V/m (80 MHz ...... 1 Ghz)
3 V/m (1.4 MHz ...... 2 GHz)
1 V/m (2 MHz ....... 3 GHz)
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