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Mini-ITX NAS enclosure

CFI A-7879 V2 NAS

4x Hot-Plug Tray ! | 250W PSU ! | Mini-ITX !

The CFI-A7879 enables you to build a NAS-system (eg. with FreeNAS) on Mini-ITX basis. The enclosure offers 4x Hot-Plug SATA 3.5" drive bays and an internal 2.5" [...]

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149.95 EUR

incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping
CFI A-7879 V2 NAS


Drive Adapter

Hot-Swap ! | For HDD/SSD ! | SATA ! | Bootable !

This Hot-Swap drive bay enables you to operate a changeable 2.5" HDD or SSD in a Slim-Line drive slot. The adapter can also be used in notebooks/laptops, becaus [...]

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14.95 EUR

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Laufwerk Adapter
  • CFI A-7879 V2 NAS
  • Laufwerk Adapter