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11.02.2021 NEW PRODUCT: NORVI ENET/M11 series

NORVI ENET (ESP32-WROOM32 W5500 Ethernet)
Industrial Controller
8 x Digital Inputs
4 x Analog Inputs – 16 bit
4 x Relay output
Ethernet connectivity – W5500
RTC with backup battery

NORVI ENET-AE06-I (LAN Ethernet, 4x 0-20mA Analog Input)
NORVI ENET-AE06-R (LAN Ethernet, 4x 5A Relay Output)
NORVI ENET-AE06-T (LAN Ethernet, 4x Open collector Transistor)
NORVI ENET-AE06-V (LAN Ethernet, 4x 0-10V Analog Input)

NORVI M11 E/B Series
Grid Powered Applications
IP67 rated enclosure
WiFi connectivity as standard
IP67 Rated Enclosure
Wired External Connections

NORVI EC-M11-BC-C1 (Programmable IoT Node, Wallmount, WiFi/BT, Built-in Battery)
NORVI EC-M11-EG-C1 (Programmable IoT Node, Wallmount)

04.02.2021 NEW PRODUCT : Mitac Thin-ITX Elkhart Lake Thin-ITX Mainboard PD10EHI (Intel DN2800MT5)

This board is produced by MITAC, the OEM producer of Intel DN2800MT. This board is based on Intel DN2800MT, but is equipped with the modern Intel Elkhart Lake plattform. PD10EHI is available until at least Q4/2027.

  • Intel® Elkhart Lake ATOM/Celeron/Pentium BGA Processor (TDP up to 12W)
  • Support 2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM (Up to 64GB) and Intel® IBECC
  • Support Triple Display for HDMI, DisplayPort, and LVDS/eDP
  • Support 1 x PCIe X1 (Gen 2) slot, 2 x M.2 slot, 2 x SATA III and 1 x mPCIe slot
  • 4 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.1 Gen2, 6 x COM and 1 x Parallel Port / MiAPI (configurable digital I/O)
  • 8V~24V wide voltage power input

Mitac PD10EHI-N6211 (Intel DN2800MT5) Thin-ITX (Intel Elkhart Lake N6211 2x3.0Ghz CPU, 8-24VDC) [FANLESS]
Mitac PD10EHI-N6415 (Intel DN2800MT5) Thin-ITX (Intel Elkhart Lake N6415 4x3.0Ghz CPU, 8-24VDC) [FANLESS]